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Digital India

Digital India

There is huge trade deficit for the electronics segment of exports and imports. For example, in the telecom equipment segment alone, the ratio is 1:3.4. The deficit is extremely high when we compare this figure with China; it is 1:46.33 (see table). The department of electronics & IT (DeitY) has moved a cabinet note (see

Obama visit

President Obama is India’s guest for our Republic Day celebrations and the government is preparing to welcome the US president. An Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) is looking into the specific problems being faced by the US companies doing business in India. Most of these issues are routine in nature which normally should have been addressed by

IoT Policy

The department of electronics & IT (DeitY) has circulated a draft policy on Internet of Things (IoT) for the feedback of different stakeholders including the department of telecommunications (DoT). The DoT in its response has stated that various arms under the department are already engaged in the same activities and has therefore sought close coordination

Free WiFi at 25 monuments

The central government is working on a plan to provide free WiFi services at 25 Archaeological monuments (see box-1) under the PPP model. The DoT has prepared a draft template (see box-2) for the state governments who would invite the EoIs in their respective states. The draft template also elaborates Key Service Requirements (see box-3)

Yojana Das

Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB), in an interview held on December 8, 2014, recommended the name of Ms Yojana Das for the post of Director (Finance), BSNL. Probably, she did not disclose that she is accused No.3 in a case No. SC 17 of 2014 being tried by Judge Ms Neena Bansal Krishna at the

Spectrum Auction 2015

Trai on three occasions (21.11.2014 for 900 & 1800 MHz; 27.11.2014 for 800 MHz; 30.12.2014 for 2100 MHz) has given its recommendations on the reserve prices of spectrum to be auctioned in February / March 2015. The Telecom Commission in its meeting held on 08.12.2014 has recommended for the acceptance of the Reserve Price for

Spectrum charges

A committee constituted by the government for determining the spectrum usage charges by the captive users has recommended that the government users should be treated at par with private users. The recommendation states, “The methodology of spectrum charging should be applied uniformly to a captive wireless users operating in the same frequency band irrespective of


The growth of cloud and proliferation of always connected environment has changed the way Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was traditionally used. In modern times, ERP solutions are designed and deliver unrivaled time to value, simplicity and agility for better business performance. And also address the needs of multiple industry segments including retail, manufacturing, public sector,


RailTel, a public sector undertaking under the ministry of railways, on December 8, 2014 launched WiFi service at New Delhi Railway Station. The services can be accessed from all the 16 platforms of the station though the signal on the foot-over-bridges is weak. However, no efforts are being made to make the service popular. To

Smart TV box

Smart has become a prefix to many of the things which people use or be part of on daily basis. One such example of it is Smart TV. A Smart TV is a television set with integrated internet capabilities that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary basic television set. Smart TVs