MTC is a Hidden Charge

24 MTC is a Hidden Charge

As a follow up to Trai’s open house discussions held on July 20, 2017 on interconnection usage regime (IUC), we contacted all the 58 consumer organizations registered with Trai. After this outreach, many of them have also written to Trai and some of them forwarded copies of such replies to us. All of them, which had responded to us, want Mobile Termination Charges (MTC), being anti-consumer regime, to be scrapped immediately. They had also opposed any discussions by Trai, which it had initiated at the request of the incumbents, for fixing floor tariff of mobile services. Trai has already scrapped further discussions on floor price, but is yet to give its decision on MTC. This is what some of the consumer organizations told Trai in July 2017.