China Telecom, Tata Communications team up for IoT services delivery

China Telecom and Tata Communications come together on the Internet of Things (IoT) offering in the Chinese market, Mumbai-based group’s company in a statement Wednesday said.

The partnership, according to it, would allow companies to deploy and manage IoT devices easily and cost-effectively within China and internationally across multiple industries, including consumer and industrial electronics manufacturing, automotive, transport and logistics.

Under the alliance, China Telecom Global would offer Tata Communications with connectivity for Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. Tata Communications can also, leverage China Telecom’s vast 4G network resources to support its customers with competitive and high-quality IoT connectivity in the Greater China market.

The partnership would also allow China Telecom Global will be able to enhance the global reach of its IoT offering and address the needs of both Chinese and overseas based corporations.

“China Telecom Global is working closely with Tata Communications to pave the way for innovative and advanced IoT solutions across industries. We’re able to offer our customers the borderless, reliable and affordable network connectivity they need for their different IoT devices,” Deng Xiaofeng, chief executive, China Telecom Global said.

London-based GSMA Intelligence expects 13.8 billion industrial IoT connections globally by 2025, with almost a third, or 4.1 billion, of these connections to stem from Greater China.

“Through Tata Communications MOVE platform and partnership with China Telecom Global, we look forward to helping to eliminate the complexities that businesses may face when deploying new IoT devices, and accelerate the time-to-market for new innovative IoT-enabled services in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau,” Anthony Bartolo, Chief Product Officer, Tata Communications said.