Alexa is making us all couch potatoes

Sir — The population of couch potatoes is set to explode in the future. The credit must go to ‘smart assistants’ like Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ which have flooded the market seemingly with the intention of doing away with domestic chores. As it is, employees spend most of their time hunched in front of computers at work. […]

Samsung Galaxy A30 and A50 are for Generation Z— people who are at the heart of social media

The change in strategy in the last two years is clearly perceivable. Earlier, Samsung was known to pack in every possible feature into its phones irrespective of customer wants. The journey from being all-about-specs to offering memorable experiences is not only helping Samsung’s bottom line but it’s forcing competition to give their line-ups more than […]

Infosys acquires ABN arm

Infosys on Thursday said it was picking up a 75 per cent stake in Stater N.V, a wholly owned subsidiary of ABN Amro Bank N.V, in an all-cash deal worth Euro 127.5 million (around Rs 990 crore). Stater, founded in 1997, provides end-to-end mortgage administration services in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. It is a […]

Cyber expert bares encryption pitfalls

End-to-end encryption secures communication and ensures privacy but can become a safe haven for criminals and terrorists to communicate bypassing the security radar. A packed audience at Rotary Sadan on Monday listened to a city-bred researcher’s assertions on how the Internet was bringing the world together and at the same time taking it apart. “The […]

Fake news: A wire trap

The digital media are increasingly being touted to be the future of information and communication. Along with this assertion, however, comes an important question: will such a digital future be both free and inclusive? A report by the Reuters Institute throws up some worrying figures in response to this question. Among other factors, it found […]

Call to expand AI research by IIT

IIT Kharagpur should do a lot more research in artificial intelligence (AI) and approach Google CEO Sundar Pichai to fund study in the cutting-age field, said India-born American businessman Vinod Gupta. Gupta, like Pichai, is an alumnus of the Kharagpur tech school. “I think they could do more there (artificial intelligence). My suggestion to PPC […]

IIT fights contract breach case in US

A US firm has accused the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, of breach of contract and misappropriation of technology in what has become one of America’s longest-running legal disputes. According to the California-headquartered MA Mobile, the Indian tech school breached a non-disclosure agreement signed in 2003 for a joint venture and commercialisation of the technology. […]

Plagiarism slur on BJP IT cell

A small Nellore-based start-up has alleged the BJP used one of its templates for the party’s new website without a back-link crediting the designer, the plagiarism charge calling into question the party’s claim to be a “chowkidar’’ (sentinel) against wrongdoing. “Why world’s largest and India’s ruling political party plagiarised our work without giving us credit?” […]