Editorial articles

Editorial – January 2018

In our series on e-commerce companies and how they ensure that they pay the lowest taxes, we focus on Flipkart in this issue. Flipkart does what all tax avoiders all over the world do, hiding behind a complex web of companies. This is not illegal by itself, but jurisdictions globally are going after such practices.

Editorial – December 2017

DoT has passed on huge benefits to Sunil Bharti Mittal on account of Tikona. Bharti’s acquisition of Tikona, a BWA (4G) operator, has many layers of irregularities and its loss impact for the government is to the tune of Rs 320 crore. Auctions for 3G and BWA were conducted in May 2010. Conditions and auction

Editorial – November 2017

Since long, Trai has been fixing the international termination call (ITC) charges at much higher level than its cost. But, it never ensured that its benefit is passed on to the domestic consumers in the form of lower domestic termination charges (DTC) for domestic calls. Presently, ITC is charged at 53 paisa per minute while

Editorial – October 2017

Rahul Khullar, as chairman, Trai, made ‘Benefits for Incumbent Operators’ his doctrine. This, he implemented through various anti-consumer regulations, viz, expensive SMS, perpetuation of MTC contrary to commitments to the apex court, higher USSD charges for mobile banking, and attempts to impose levies on OTT services. Now, ever since Trai announced its IUC regulation of

Editorial – September 2017

Over 13 months have passed since Trai issued a consultation paper to review Interconnect Usage Charges (IUC). The consultation was over long ago. Going by the past precedents, Trai should have issued the order by February 2017 which should have been made effective from April 1, 2017. The core issue of this paper was about

Editorial – August 2017

In the shrill cacophony of incumbents for bailouts, the voice of consumer organizations have been drowned out. All of them have raised their voice in unison against MTC, which we present to you in our cover story. The main thread of their stand is ‘Scrap MTC’. MTC is a hidden cost. They want MTC to

Editorial – July 2017

Public Interest determines what is acceptable and what is unacceptable, what is desirable and what is contemptible. Mobile Termination Charge (MTC) is both unacceptable and contemptible. First, MTC is anti-consumer. It is a big burden on the consumer and has been so, for many years now. From April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2017, the

Editorial – June 2017

BSNL has been lowering its projections. Operational revenue of Rs 26,500 crore in FY 2016-17 is 7 pc lower than what it achieved in the previous year, Rs 28,449 crore. This is also 13 pc less than the figure targeted in the MoU for FY 2016-17 at Rs 30,500. Similarly it has projected a decline

Editorial – May 2017

Senior government officials in DoT are assessing the Jio impact and they don’t seem to mind declines in government revenue on account of licence fee and SUC because this means additional money in the hands of the consumer and leaps in data usage. A DoT note acknowledges dips in LF and SUC revenues since Q2

Editorial- April 2017

Idea & Vodafone merger agreement has created India’s first SMP (Significant Market Power) in the telecom sector. Trai defines SMP as an entity that has 30 pc of the market share. The combined entity crosses this threshold. For the consumer marketshare, it has 35 pc and for revenue marketshare, 41 pc. Thus, it is the