Editorial – April 2019

Globally 5G is considered a sine qua non for superfast bandwidth speeds. Countries are raring for 5G rollouts. US, China & South Korea have already launched the services, though in limited areas, and are prepping for the big push by 2020. Japan mobile carriers plan to dazzle the world with its services to coincide with […]

Editorial – March 2019

Data is a big concern of the draft National e-Commerce Policy. Who controls the personal data that large e-com companies have come to access, can they exploit it, can such data be in non-Indian hands – all these questions have come into focus of the draft policy. And it has proposed setting up of a […]

Editorial – February 2019

The new broadcasting regime implemented on Feb 1, 2019 has hiked the monthly television bills of the consumers. This is just as we had predicted in a detailed cover story analysis of Jan 2019. No sooner had the new broadcasting regime been implemented that social networks began chiming with user views of angst and noise […]

Editorial – January 2019

The new broadcasting regime will come into effect from Feb 1, 2019. It will make channels for the consumers dearer by 50 per cent. This hike in channel pricing will happen due to three reasons. First, due to non-implementation of 15 per cent cap on discounts under bouquet. Second, due to non-reduction of cap (presently […]

Editorial – December 2018

Sunil Bharti Mittal promoted Bharti Airtel is not willing to buy 5G spectrum at this stage. It expects the auction to be deferred. This was disclosed by Brokerage BNP Paribas after a briefing by Airtel’s leadership team at a recent analyst meet. The government, on its part, has not yet signalled any defined auction timelines, […]

Editorial – November 2018

Sunil Bharti Mittal has staged his demand for nationalization of optical fibre cables laid across India by private telcos and BSNL. A votary of light touch regulation, Mr Mittal has invited Trai to take charge of this as a mission for nationalization of private OFC assets. His specific urging is – Trai should come out […]

Editorial – October 2018

The cabinet approved the National Digital Communications Policy (NDCP) on September 26, 2018. The policy has been approved after more than a year’s discussions with stakeholders and after DoT responded to the queries posed by the cabinet secretariat. The features of the policy are several: a promise of $100 billion investment, 40 lakh jobs, 1 […]

Editorial – September 2018

A report and a draft Bill have raised the hackles of the American tech companies in India. These are: the BN Srikrishna led committee of experts 176-page report, “A Free and Fair Digital Economy: Protecting Privacy, Empowering Indians”, and a 67-page draft Bill, titled “The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018.” Most of these companies are […]

Editorial – August 2018

In our continuing coverage of e-commerce companies, we bring to you the latest developments in this domain. The two leaders in the field – Amazon & Flipkart – are in massive violations of FDI Rules notified as PN3/2016. A PIL praying for investigations into the practices of these companies was filed in the Delhi High […]

Editorial – July 2018

BSNL CMD Anupam Shrivastava has been sponging off another state-owned company for the travel and tour expenses of his wife, Tripti Shrivastava and son Mohit Shrivastava. This issue brings to our readers bills that have been uncleared for these two members of the Shrivastava family since 2014. The amount is in lakhs and owed to […]

Editorial – June 2018

Bharti Infratel and Indus Towers Ltd are to merge. Bharti Infratel has a 42 pc stake in Indus Towers. Indus had very modest issued share capital of less than Rs 12 lakh when it pledged assets and raised loans and financial assistance to the tune of Rs 9,450 crore. This happened in 2013 and Indus […]

Editorial – May 2018

Under the garb of implementing the GST regime, BSNL’s top management has sent a proposal for the “information and further necessary instructions” of the DoT under which it intends to amend the purchase orders issued in 2014, in a manner that would mean passing on over Rs 1,000 crore illegitimate favour to seven contractors of […]