Can bring 5G to India in 20 days if given the green light, says Huawei CEO

At a time when Indian telecom operators are looking to speed up 5G rollouts, Huawei India on Tuesday said that it is fully prepared to bring 5G to India market and can do so in a matter of 20 days once given the green light.

Addressing India Mobile Conclave, Huawei India CEO Jay Chen said, “We are committed to the India market and will be happy to work with service providers and enterprises to bring 5G faster, safer and smarter to this market.”

Chen expressed that India’s rapid pace of digital adoption is being driven by government’s commitment towards digitizing key aspects of digital economy.

“In the last couple of years almost every newest innovation introduced to this market is introduced by Huawei. Massive MIMO is a word we first introduced in India 5 years back,” added Chen.

Elaborating on the potential of 5G for an emerging digital economy like India, Chen said that “5G is like electricity” which will enable all industries and help realize digital mission and goals set up by National Digital Communications Policy (NDCP).

Huawei is a global leader in 5G and up till now it already has 30 5G commercial contracts globally, Chen mentioned. “..Huawei is a global ICT player and has highest contribution in 3GPP.”

The company had previously shared that it will invest 2 billion USD over 5 years in improving software engineering capabilities including cyber security.

During his address, Chen reiterated the Chinese company is proactively engaging in dialogue with the India government to explore opportunities in the country’s telecom ecosystem.